Hi why don’t you try one of carolines classes they are fun and varied and leave you refreshed and full of energy and stress free .      janet   south shields

The class is full of fun without feeling its a chore . you don’t even realise your getting fit. great music and people.                                                          Melanie   south shields

Caroline classes are warm and friendly and welcoming. A great workout for anyone at any level ..                                                            Michelle  M         south shields

Helps you relax after a hard days work .          Marg       south shields

Carolines classes are the best start to the week . Banish the monday blues with a workout leaving you feeling positive and energised for the rest of the week .                                                                                                         Julie Brack   south shields

Trying to get fit or hoping to keep fit ? looking to make new friends while enjoying exercise ? if yes then join us at maidfit .        Sarah     south shields

Pilates classes help you  relax and unwind at the end of the day. great exercises if you suffer from a bad back .                               yvonne    sunderland

Unwind and strengthen the body at the end of the day by joining a class of pilates . enjoy a toned and better posture body .          Hilary       south shields